Salomon Unisex ADV Skin 12 Set Backpack Black - 12L

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  • Precise fitting carrying system for demanding endurance runners.
  • The choice of demanding endurance runners, the new ADVANCED SKIN 12 SET offers more personalization in both fit and function. An updated sensifit and closure system make this pack even more comfortable for your unique body shape, and the 12L volume offers enough space for longer endurance races.
  • Hydration : The integrated soft flasks make it easy to drink as soon as you feel thirsty, and stays balanced when you run, so you can push the limit and stay hydrated.
  • Freedom of movement : The Sensifit construction offers a snug, precise, comfortable fit and balances the load front and back, so you can move more freely and faster.
  • Ease of use : The components of this pack are easy to use, and offer different ways to adjust the fit and carry poles and accessories.